Coffee County Choral Department

Our choral program is proud to present several performances throughout the year. Our first performance is typically our Winter Concert, taking place one evening between Thanksgiving and the winter break. Audience members can expect to hear a variety of winter and holiday themed selections. Our next scheduled performance is our choral department production, typically scheduled for sometime in April. The choral production is a 4-performance run of singing and dancing to music based on a chosen theme. Past themes have included Glee, Disney, Decades, Movies, etc. Our last scheduled performance is our Spring Concert in May. Each choir performs a few selections of music and then we move into our Senior Night celebration! 


The Fine Arts Department showcases all of the arts one night in February or March. In addition to art displays and theatrical and instrumental performances, this is a night for each choir to perform a selection of music they are working on.


The choral department has several choirs designed for a variety of skill levels: 


Our introductory level choirs include the choir at the Raider Academy and the high school Concert Choir. Students in these choirs will learn basic music notation, listening skills, fundamentals of singing, and fundamentals of moving to music. 


One of our advanced choir options is an treble voiced choir called Women’s Chorale. This is a choir that requires an audition/director approval. Students in this choir will learn higher level music at a faster pace. They also learn a variety of choreography styles to be performed with most of their musical selections. Occasional outside-of-school rehearsals are required. 


Our other advanced choir option is a mixed voice choir called Show Choir. This is also a choir that requires an audition/director approval. Students in this choir must be able to learn both music and choreography at a very fast pace. This choir typically has extra performance opportunities come up throughout the year. Occasional outside-of-school rehearsals are required.